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WRITE! is a writing program with a foundation in grammar, usage and mechanics (GUM). The GUM component of WRITE! is both skills-based and grounded in the context of writing. This two-pronged approach meets the needs of today's diverse classroom populations. The writing component of WRITE! is process-oriented, with students applying higher-order thinking skills such as analysis, interpretation, evaluation and synthesis as they progress through each on-demand writing lesson.

It is an essential principle of writing instruction that "students learn to write by writing. Guidance in the writing process and discussion of the students' own work should be the central means of writing instruction" (NCTE 2008b). WRITE! meets this recommendation by providing multiple writing opportunities. Books A and B each offer a minimum of 34 writing opportunities. Books C-H each offer at least 37 writing opportunities.

As recent analysis has affirmed, "teaching writing well involves multiple teaching strategies that address both process and product, both form and content" (National Writing Project & Nagin 2003, p. 16). WRITE! supports this statement and, in turn, is supported by Australian and international research regarding the instruction of composition and GUM skills in everyday classroom settings and in on-demand writing environments.

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What Are the Instructional Features of Part I: Foundations?

The Part I GUM lessons provide a foundation for the Part II writing lessons. The skills-based GUM lessons are presented within the context of writing: Using Words in Writing, Giving Form to Writing, Giving Voice to Writing and Giving Structure to Writing.

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Within each section, students are introduced to GUM skills that will improve their writing. “Usage, punctuation, and other aspects of mechanics and sentence structure in the context of writing is considerably more effective than teaching usage and mechanics in isolation”.

This is not a solitary finding. More than 85 years of research point to the lack of transfer from isolated grammar instruction to language development. The final lesson in Part I focuses on proofreading, which fortifies the connection between GUM and writing.

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  • What is the WRITE! series?

    The WRITE! series is a writing program with a basis in
    grammar, usage and mechanics. Comprising eight books
    (Books A–H), the program gives students the tools they
    need to improve their writing skills.

    WRITE! breaks down and analyses rubric-scored writing models to help students recognise strengths and weaknesses in the writing of others. Then students transfer this learning to their own writing. Working with WRITE! will help students feel comfortable with rubric-based assessment. They can then apply the skills that they gain to perform in standardised tests such as NAPLAN.

  • Who should use the WRITE! series?

    WRITE! is a versatile resource suitable for all students seeking to enhance their writing skills. It offers a user-friendly platform for skill development and is adaptable to accommodate students of varying backgrounds and skill levels.

    WRITE! doesn't stop at foundational writing skills but delves deeper into rubric-based writing. It equips students to excel in writing and boost their scores on standardised tests. By providing consistent practice and guidance, WRITE! helps students confidently tackle academic writing and assessments, fostering improved writing proficiency and academic success.

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Teachers and students know that effective writers are not created in a day, a week, a month or a year. Effective instruction builds on what was previously learned and what will be learned in the following weeks. It provides planned opportunities for learning about and through writing, for writing practice, for maintenance of skills and strategies and for transfer of skills and understandings to varied contexts.

(Davis 2013, p. 4)