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The CARS & STARS Series is committed to enhancing the reading comprehension skills of young readers, including those facing difficulties in understanding written materials. This well-structured program takes an immersive approach to nurture 12 essential reading strategies. It's user-friendly for teachers, offering clear guidance and extensive practice to help students master these crucial strategies, ensuring their path to future reading success.

The FOCUS Reading Comprehension series is designed to support on-level readers, struggling readers, and English-language learners (ELL) in mastering vital reading strategies, especially for those reading between levels 1.0 and 8.9. It places a strong emphasis on higher-order reading strategies through targeted practice, featuring diverse selections covering different content areas. Each student book includes twenty selections for focused practice and comprehension questions to reinforce learning. This series is firmly rooted in current research on effective reading instruction for English-language and struggling readers.

In addition, the Extensions in Reading series is a research-based program aimed at enhancing students' reading strategies and comprehension. This comprehensive program provides step-by-step instructions and thorough practice to empower students to become strategic, thoughtful, and confident readers.

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The 5-Step Process

How to effectively implement and utilise CARS & STARS in educational practice

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Step 1: Identify the Right Level for Your Students

Choose Between the Online CARS Placement Test or the CARS Placement Book. Both are crafted to aid teachers in choosing the most suitable levels for each student, ensuring targeted and effective learning.

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  • Boost reading comprehension

    Students using STARS instruction showed significant improvement in foundational reading skills. The CARS & STARS treatment group for Year 3 scored 40% higher on the post-test than did the control group. Struggling learners showed especially strong growth, with scores that jumped 40–79% in just 18 weeks.

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  • Adaptable to Any Curriculum

    CARS & STARS are meticulously align with any local curricula elements, expertly reviewed by seasoned educators, and continuously refined and updated to reflect the latest syllabus changes. See how the program aligns with elements of the Australian Curriculum.

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Transforming Knowledge into Reality with Our Captivating Posters


CARS & STARS A1 Poster

This vibrant, glossy poster showcases the 12 key reading strategies from the CARS & STARS series, with a unique Melbourne twist. Perfect for classroom walls, it offers concise, clear summaries of each strategy, framed by iconic Melbourne cityscapes. A great quick reference for both teachers and students, inspired by the heart of Australia's cultural capital.

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CARS & STARS A3 Poster (Set of 3)

Three vibrant posters, each highlighting four key reading strategies from the CARS & STARS series, perfect for classroom use. They offer concise summaries of the strategies, themed with iconic Australian sites like Uluru, the Sydney Opera House, and Parliament House – a quick-reference blend of education and national pride.

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Discover the Digital Journey

Are you looking for a digital version of the CARS & STARS program? Our interactive and diverse digital content caters to all ages, making it ideal for both classroom enrichment and at-home learning. With CARS & STARS Online, tracking progress is a breeze, ensuring a smooth ride towards reading excellence. Get ready to navigate the exciting world of literacy where every click leads to discovery and growth!