Our Story

Welcome to Hawker Brownlow Publishing. Our company was established following the closure of Hawker Brownlow Education. We’ve taken up the mantle to continue providing essential educational materials in literacy, numeracy, and early childhood education across Australia and New Zealand, our goal is to continue to serve educators and students with quality resources.

Our Foundation
Our journey in education predates the establishment of Hawker Brownlow Publishing. Through our education technology company, Hawker Brownlow Digital, we developed CARS & STARS Online a digital reading comprehension program that has become a staple in classrooms across Australia and New Zealand. This foundation in educational technology has shaped our approach to publishing, blending traditional methods with innovative digital solutions.

Our Mission
At the heart of Hawker Brownlow Publishing is a clear mission: to deliver educational resources that meet the needs of today’s educators and learners. We strive to combine the reliability of traditional publications with the accessibility and engagement of a lean and responsive digital company.

Our Approach
We are a team committed to quality, innovation, and support. By staying informed about the latest in educational research and technology, we ensure our products and services reflect current best practices and meet the high standards of educators and students alike.

The Road Ahead
Looking to the future, Hawker Brownlow Publishing is excited to continue evolving and expanding our offerings. We are dedicated to being a key player in the educational journeys of learners, offering resources that inspire, engage, and facilitate meaningful learning experiences.

Join us as we forge ahead, committed to enhancing education for all.