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For nearly five decades, the BRIGANCE® toolkit has been the go-to choice for educators seeking top-quality assessment, screening, and instructional tools tailored to their students' needs. Now, with the latest offerings—the Inventory of Early Development III and the Early Childhood Screens III—the BRIGANCE program stands as the most comprehensive resource yet.

Crafted from the expertise and dedication of Albert H. Brigance, an esteemed author and specialist in special education, the BRIGANCE family of products represents a multifaceted collection of assessment, screening, and instructional tools. This unique set empowers educators to effectively address their students' diverse needs across all levels of learning.

Structured into two primary categories—Early Childhood and Special Education—the BRIGANCE series presents a holistic view of student development, from preschool through adulthood. It's a comprehensive resource designed to support educators, specialists, and all those involved in guiding students on their developmental journey.

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No need to compute a child’s chronological age by hand—the free Rounded Chronological Age Calculator does it for you! And, to instantly generate
normative scores, simply enter responses from the student’s Data Sheet or Record Book into the appropriate scoring tool.

  • Rounded Chronological Age Calculator

    Use this tool to determine the Data Sheet needed based on a child’s rounded chronological age.

  • Screens III Scoring Tool

    Use this tool to generate scores for the BRIGANCE Screens III.

  • Screens III Self-help and Social-Emotional Scales Scoring Tool

    Use this tool to generate Self-help and Social-Emotional scores for the BRIGANCE Screens III.

  • IED III Standardised Scoring Tool

    Use this tool to generate scores for the BRIGANCE IED III Standardised.