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Renowned reading expert Dr. Anita Archer leveraged decades of research into the Science of Reading and the Science of Instruction to develop the structured PHONICS for Reading program. This systematic, direct, engaging, and success-oriented explicit instruction program delivers essential skills in the correct sequence, helping older students who have consistently struggled with word-level difficulties.

PHONICS for Reading relies on easy-to-follow teacher scripts that enable a wide range of educators to provide effective intervention. Each lesson provides a consistent routine that allows students to apply each concept in increasingly challenging situations to build accuracy, automaticity, and fluency.

With its age-appropriate content and illustrations, PHONICS for Reading is designed to ensure that students in Year Levels 3–12 feel comfortable and, more importantly, empowered by their foundational skills instruction.

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Use One, Two, or All Three Levels

Differentiating among students' proficiency levels, certain students might be ready for Level 3 while others may necessitate commencing at Level 1 or Level 2. Use the PHONICS for Reading Placement Test to evaluate individual students' phonics skills and determine their appropriate proficiency level.

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  • Research Summary

    Discover the advantages of incorporating PHONICS for Reading into your Year Levels 3 and beyond curriculum. Empower students with essential reading skills for sustained academic success and beyond.

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  • Placement Test

    This test can be used for placement of students into the First Level, Second Level or Third Level of PHONICS for Reading. It can also be used to measure students’ progress in decoding after instruction.

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    Enhance reading skills with PHONICS for Reading! Our systematic program ensures mastery of letter-sound relationships and decoding rules. Transform your reading instruction seamlessly!

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“I’m certain that you believe, as I believe, that reading is a civil right. It totally changes everything if you are a reader or are not. So, we’ve got to continue to use our very best knowledge and our energy to ensure that students are readers.”

Dr. Anita Archer