Achieving NAPLAN Success Through Structured Evidence-Based Learning

Achieving NAPLAN Success Through Structured Evidence-Based Learning

Australian educators continually seek effective tools to enhance student literacy and prepare for the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). Hawker Brownlow Publishing offers three foundational programmes—CARS & STARS, WRITE!, and PHONICS for Reading—that together form a comprehensive approach to improving literacy and writing skills.

CARS & STARS: Building Reading Comprehension

CARS & STARS is a structured reading comprehension programme designed to diagnose student understanding and provide targeted strategies for improvement. This programme helps students develop crucial skills in identifying main ideas, making inferences, and understanding text structure—key areas assessed in the NAPLAN reading component. By improving these skills, students not only enhance their reading comprehension but also gain better analytical skills, which are indispensable for the writing and language conventions sections of NAPLAN.

WRITE!: Enhancing Writing Skills

The WRITE! series is specifically geared towards improving writing skills across various text types. It focuses on grammar, usage, mechanics, and the application of rubric-scored writing. This direct focus on structured writing helps students understand how to organise their thoughts and present them coherently, an essential skill for the NAPLAN writing tasks, whether narrative or persuasive. WRITE! also emphasises the importance of revision and feedback, allowing students to refine their writing—a process that directly correlates with improved writing scores on standardised tests.

PHONICS for Reading: Strengthening the Foundations

PHONICS for Reading addresses fundamental reading skills by emphasising phonemic awareness, decoding, and fluency—elements vital for reading proficiency. For students, especially in the early years of education, mastering these skills is crucial for their overall literacy development. PHONICS for Reading supports students in building a solid foundation that not only aids in reading comprehension but also enhances their ability to understand and use vocabulary effectively in their writing.

Integrated Approach for Comprehensive Literacy Development

When used together, CARS & STARS, WRITE!, and PHONICS for Reading provide a layered, comprehensive approach to literacy that addresses reading, writing, and foundational skills. This integration ensures that students are not only preparing for specific sections of NAPLAN but are also developing a broad skill set that will benefit them across all areas of learning.

  1. Improved Vocabulary and Syntax: Through PHONICS for Reading, students develop a stronger command of the language, which feeds into their writing and comprehension abilities, as emphasised by WRITE! and CARS & STARS.
  2. Enhanced Analytical Skills: The analytical skills gained from the structured comprehension strategies in CARS & STARS directly contribute to better writing, as students learn to think critically about text structure and content.
  3. Better Writing Outcomes: WRITE! equips students with the tools to express their ideas more effectively, essential for the narrative and persuasive writing tasks in NAPLAN.


In preparation for NAPLAN, incorporating CARS & STARS, WRITE!, and PHONICS for Reading into the curriculum can significantly enhance a student's literacy capabilities. These programmes offer varied yet complementary strategies that together ensure students are well-prepared not only for NAPLAN but for lifelong literacy success. Educators and parents interested in these programmes should consider how they can be integrated into regular learning routines to maximise their impact on student outcomes.

By fostering a holistic educational environment with these targeted tools, schools can greatly improve their students' performance in NAPLAN, setting them up for academic achievement and confidence in their literacy skills.
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