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Phonics for Reading Teacher Guide Second Level

Phonics for Reading Teacher Guide Second Level

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ISBN: 978-1-923128-03-3

Support students who struggle with reading comprehension from weak phonemic awareness and decoding skills.

  • Build phonemic awareness, decoding, and fluency skills to strengthen reading comprehension
  • Systematic, explicit instruction builds confidence and motivation
  • Specifically designed to appeal to older students

Phonics for Reading also provides word-recognition and spelling instruction, story reading, and independent activities.
Assessment opportunities include:

  • Placement Tests Use for placing students within the program or to measure growth at the end of the program or school year.
  • Checking Up-Ten activities throughout each level offer teacher and students a formal measure of skills.
  • Fluency Assessment-Teacher Guides for Second and Third Level provide directions for using story passages to assess fluency and activities for building fluency.

Teacher Guides include:

  • Information about the research base
  • Lesson objectives and scripting
  • Word lists
  • Answer keys
  • Reproducible IPs/progress letters
  • Scope and sequence chart
  • Pre- and post-assessment tools
  • Downloadable resources containing easily printable copies of the reproducible for classroom use.

The structure of each lesson in the three levels of Phonics for Reading is consistent throughout the program, so students are able to focus on the content rather than on the teaching procedures being used. Lessons are carefully scripted for the teacher in the Teacher Guide for each level so that instruction is just as easy to deliver as it is to follow!

The Second Level in the Phonics for Reading series progresses students' understanding by focusing on: long vowels; vowel combinations; CVCe words; word endings; and r-controlled vowel sounds.

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