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BRIGANCE: Screens III: Screen F & 1

BRIGANCE: Screens III: Screen F & 1

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ISBN: 978-1-923150-38-6

The new Brigance Screens III offer developmental screening of children from infancy to year one. The Screens III support the efforts of early childhood educators and others working with children to identify potential developmental delays, as well as giftedness, and inform instruction and monitor child progress.

The newly updated Brigance Screens III uses extensive data from U.S. national studies to ensure they are more accurate and useful than ever. This resource, the Early Childhood Screen III: F & 1, is a collection of quick, highly accurate assessments and data-gathering tools to use with Foundation year (Prep, Reception, Kindergarten, etc.) and Year One children (5 years to 6-11 years).

Foundation and Year One are a time of rapid growth and learning, and screening can provide an important understanding of the child's development at a particular point in time. Screening can serve as the first step in assessing a child's school readiness, providing a snapshot of a child's mastery of early developmental and academic skills. Screening also enables educators to readily identify those children who may have developmental delays and those children who may be advanced as early as possible to ensure these children receive appropriate intervention and support services.

The Brigance Screens III provide quick, easy and accurate screening of skills that are critical predictors of school success, including physical development, language, academic/cognitive, self-help and social-emotional skills - all in 10-15 minutes per child.

Along with the Brigance: Early Childhood Screens III: F & 1 you need to purchase the related datasheets.

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