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BRIGANCE: IED III: Inventory Early Childhood Edition

BRIGANCE: IED III: Inventory Early Childhood Edition

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ISBN: 978-1-923150-49-2

The BRIGANCE® Inventory of Early Development III, or IED III, is a comprehensive collection of valid, reliable and well-researched developmental assessments for children from birth to seven years of age.

The IED III produces a complete range of information on a child's developmental progress through distinct developmental skill sequences performed in authentic, everyday conditions.

The assessments in the IED III allow teachers to pinpoint individual areas of strength and need. Teachers can then identify a sequence of instructional objectives for planning developmentally appropriate instruction, individualising ongoing assessment and monitoring progress.

Assessment items in the IED III Early Childhood Edition cover a broad sampling of a child's skills and behaviours. Key developmental areas are aligned to common early learning standards. Assessments cover the following domains:

  • Physical Development
  • Lanquage Development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics and Science
  • Daily Living
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Approaches to Learning

The IED III Early Childhood Edition helps early childhood educators:

  • address ongoing developmental assessment requirements.
  • provide an appropriate child assessment system that aligns with common standards and goals
  • determine a child's specific strengths and needs to support individualised instructional planning.
  • gather valid data on a child's progress.
  • evaluate school readiness by tapping predictors of school success.
  • communicate a child's development to parents/caregivers.
  • support referrals for further evaluation or special services.

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