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BRIGANCE: IED III: Record Book (Set of 10)

BRIGANCE: IED III: Record Book (Set of 10)

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ISBN: 978-1-923150-52-2

The Brigance Inventory of Early Development I (IED-III) Record Book is the companion volume to both the Brigance Inventory of Early Development III (IED-III) Special Education and the Brigance Inventory of Early Development III (IED-III) Early Childhood. It provides a handy record-keeping solution for the assessments contained in both volumes so that professionals administering them can have a complete picture of a student's development across multiple domains at their fingertips.

The BRIGANCE Inventory of Early Development III, or IED-III, is a comprehensive collection of valid, reliable and well-researched developmental assessments for students from birth to the developmental age of seven.

The IED-III offers a complete range of information on a student's developmental skill levels as demonstrated under real-life everyday conditions. Because skills within assessments are developmentally sequenced from the easiest items (earliest mastered skills) to more difficult ones, a student's present level of performance can be pinpointed along the skill continuum.

Teachers can accurately identify a student's specific areas of strength and need and then determine a sequence of instructional objectives for planning developmentally appropriate instruction, writing IEPs, and individualising ongoing assessment and progress monitoring.

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