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BRIGANCE: IED III: Standardised Kit

BRIGANCE: IED III: Standardised Kit

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It includes:

  • 1 x CA14288 (BRIGANCE: IED III: Standardised Inventory)
  • 2 x CA14283 (BRIGANCE: IED III: Record Book (Set of 10))
  • 1 x CA14292 (BRIGANCE: IED III: Standardisation and Validation Manual)
  • 1 x CA9562 (BRIGANCE: IED III: Box of Materials):
    • Primary Pencils (2)
    • Box of crayons
    • Coloured blocks (10): red, orange, yellow, blue and green
    • Coloured pencils (five, each a different colour)
    • Regular Pencils(2)
    • Nesting containers
    • Rattle
    • Shapes (circles and squares) of two colours (16)
    • Counters (12)
    • Squeaking toy

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