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BRIGANCE: IED III: Standardised Record Book (Set of 100)

BRIGANCE: IED III: Standardised Record Book (Set of 100)

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The BRIGANCE Inventory of Early Development III Standardised is a selection of 55 key assessments spanning the crucial domains of child development and learning. The valid, reliable and well-researched developmental assessments have been standardised and validated on a normative sample of children from birth to seven years of age. The IED III Standardised is well-positioned to support program needs and help teachers and program directors: determine present level of performance, areas of strength and need, and instructional objectives; derive a range of standardised (normative) scores to support reporting needs; communicate normative scores to parents/caregivers; support referrals for further evaluation or special services and/or confirm diagnoses; and monitor individual and group progress.

The Standardised Record Book provides a specific and easily communicated system for recording a child's performance for each assessment. The Standardised Scoring Sheet, included in the Standardised Record Book, provides a concise review of the child's performance for all assessments. The Total Developmental Score reflects the child's overall performance in all skill areas, while the Developmental Profile provides an easy-to-interpret visual representation of a child's strengths and needs across skill areas.

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