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BRIGANCE: Readiness: Take-Home Activity: Counts Objects (5)

BRIGANCE: Readiness: Take-Home Activity: Counts Objects (5)

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ISBN: 978-1-923150-58-4

Build school readiness with these fun, easy-to-plan developmental activities. The BRIGANCE® Readiness Activities link to the assessment in the BRIGANCE® Screens and Developmental Inventories to provide instruction and practice in key school readiness skills. The Brigance Readiness Take Home Activity books: Link assessment with instruction; Build home-school connections through family letters and take-home learning plans and activities; Include clear and easy-to-use student activity pages for parents to use with their children at home. The Take-Home Activity Books give families the opportunity to partner in their child's learning. This booklet, Counts Objects, links directly with the same skill in Brigance Prescriptive Readiness, section 21.

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