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BRIGANCE: Screens III: OMS 30 Day Trial Subscription

BRIGANCE: Screens III: OMS 30 Day Trial Subscription

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Designed to work seamlessly with the BRIGANCE® Early Childhood Screens III, the powerful, easy-to-use BRIGANCE Online Management System guides administrators and teachers step by step through each process, ensuring consistent and accurate data and reports.

Screens III OMS covers: Screens III, IED III, Correlation to Readiness Activities

This allows users to:

  • Easily enter data from the BRIGANCE Screens III to automatically calculate a child's results and compare scores to cut-offs for potential developmental delays or giftedness
  • Target instruction with an individual instructional planning tool for each child
  • Monitor child progress
  • Generate easy-to-read and easy-to-share reports and letters to families
  • Manage your program and meet reporting requirements

With the Brigance OMS 30 Day Trial Subscription, you would have a free trial access to all the above for 30 days.

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