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BRIGANCE: Screens III: OMS Yearly Subscription (500 students)

BRIGANCE: Screens III: OMS Yearly Subscription (500 students)

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Designed to work seamlessly with the BRIGANCE® Early Childhood Screens III, the powerful, easy-to-use BRIGANCE Online Management System guides administrators and teachers step by step through each process, ensuring consistent and accurate data and reports.

Screens III OMS covers: Screens III, IED III, Correlation to Readiness Activities

This allows users to:

  • Easily enter data from the BRIGANCE Screens III to automatically calculate a child's results and compare scores to cut-offs for potential developmental delays or giftedness
  • Target instruction with an individual instructional planning tool for each child
  • Monitor child progress
  • Generate easy-to-read and easy-to-share reports and letters to families
  • Manage your program and meet reporting requirements

With the BRIGANCE OMS Yearly Subscription (500 students), you would be able to add 500 students for one year. Each licence is valid for one site (i.e. one school or maternal health centre). If you are purchasing for a district or municipal locality, please determine the number of individual sites you require, and purchase licences accordingly.

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