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Discover the power of the Comprehensive Assessment of Reading Strategies (CARS Plus) Series, a meticulously crafted tool rooted in research to swiftly identify specific stumbling blocks in students' grasp of 12 standards-based reading comprehension strategies. This data-driven approach enables educators to deliver tailor-made instruction through the Strategies to Achieve Reading Success (STARS Plus), addressing each student's unique needs effectively. The CARS Plus Series aims to revolutionise the identification and resolution of students' reading comprehension challenges, presenting an array of assessment tools and invaluable resources.

The research-backed Strategies to Achieve Reading Success (STARS) Plus series focuses on explicit direct instruction in the 12 core reading strategies evaluated in CARS Plus. Structured into five parts, each lesson ensures a gradual transfer of responsibility, nurturing student confidence with each step.

STARS Plus is designed to support diverse learners, including ELL/ESL/EAL-D students, by activating prior knowledge, delivering explicit instruction, employing graphic organisers, and offering theme-based guidance. The incorporation of multiple definitions and examples for each strategy within every lesson continuously reinforces comprehension. With an easy-to-navigate and informative Teacher Guide, every educator becomes proficient in cultivating strong reading skills.

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Identify the Right Level for Your Students

Choose Between the Online CARS Placement Test or the CARS Placement Book. Both are crafted to aid teachers in choosing the most suitable levels for each student, ensuring targeted and effective learning.

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  • CARS: Diagnostic (Assessment)

    Key features and advantages of using CARS Plus:

    • Consolidated Pretests, Benchmarks, and Post Tests within a single book for convenient and efficient progress monitoring of students.
    • Tracking forms and charts for educators, along with self-assessment forms for students.
    • Assessments encompassing a wide array of genres and cross-curricular content for a comprehensive understanding.
    • Specific responses to strategy-focused questions to help educators to tailor instruction.
  • STARS: Explicit Teaching (Instruction)

    STARS Plus lessons feature five key elements to boost student accountability and confidence. The Teacher Guide streamlines lesson prep with an insightful 'Introduction' section. These components create a systematic learning approach, empowering both teachers and students with self-assessment tools for goal setting and reflective learning, fostering a progressive learning journey for all.


    • Introduction
    • Modeled Instruction
    • Guided Instruction
    • Modeled Practice
    • Guided Practice

Transforming Knowledge into Reality with Our Captivating Posters


CARS & STARS A1 Poster

This vibrant, glossy poster showcases the 12 key reading strategies from the CARS & STARS series, with a unique Melbourne twist. Perfect for classroom walls, it offers concise, clear summaries of each strategy, framed by iconic Melbourne cityscapes. A great quick reference for both teachers and students, inspired by the heart of Australia's cultural capital.

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CARS & STARS A3 Poster (Set of 3)

Three vibrant posters, each highlighting four key reading strategies from the CARS & STARS series, perfect for classroom use. They offer concise summaries of the strategies, themed with iconic Australian sites like Uluru, the Sydney Opera House, and Parliament House – a quick-reference blend of education and national pride.

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Discover the Digital Journey

Are you looking for a digital version of the CARS & STARS program? Our interactive and diverse digital content caters to all ages, making it ideal for both classroom enrichment and at-home learning. With CARS & STARS Online, tracking progress is a breeze, ensuring a smooth ride towards reading excellence. Get ready to navigate the exciting world of literacy where every click leads to discovery and growth!