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Enhance your reading and comprehension skills with our Extensions in Reading books, designed for students seeking additional practice in mastering the 12 fundamental reading and comprehension strategies. This comprehensive series spans eight levels (A–H) and builds upon the 12 strategies introduced in the acclaimed CARS & STARS program. Offering meticulous step-by-step guidance and ample practice, these books are tailored to bolster students’ transformation into strategic, perceptive, and confident readers.

Our program actively nurtures students in the application of key reading strategies employed by successful readers. Through filling out graphic organisers, learners grasp the intricate connections between these strategies and the ideas presented in texts.

With a meticulous focus on providing step-by-step guidance and extensive practice, our books foster the evolution of students into astute, thoughtful, and assured readers and critical thinkers. Whether used in conjunction with CARS & STARS to delve deeper into these strategies or independently, our series accommodates both scenarios. Each level includes a Student Workbook encompassing the strategies and a corresponding Teacher Guide for comprehensive support.

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  • Extensions in Reading Catalogue

    Take your reading to the next level with our Extensions in Reading Catalogue. Packed with challenging texts and analytical tools, it's perfect for anyone looking to enhance their comprehension skills. Explore our advanced reading resources today and elevate your literary journey!

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  • Extensions in Reading Research

    Deepen your literacy knowledge with Extensions in Reading Research. This specialised resource offers detailed analyses and advanced methodologies perfect for educators and scholars. Explore complex reading strategies and elevate your research with our comprehensive, insightful collection.

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Transforming Knowledge into Reality with Our Captivating Posters


CARS & STARS A1 Poster

This vibrant, glossy poster showcases the 12 key reading strategies from the CARS & STARS series, with a unique Melbourne twist. Perfect for classroom walls, it offers concise, clear summaries of each strategy, framed by iconic Melbourne cityscapes. A great quick reference for both teachers and students, inspired by the heart of Australia's cultural capital.

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CARS & STARS A3 Poster (Set of 3)

Three vibrant posters, each highlighting four key reading strategies from the CARS & STARS series, perfect for classroom use. They offer concise summaries of the strategies, themed with iconic Australian sites like Uluru, the Sydney Opera House, and Parliament House – a quick-reference blend of education and national pride.

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