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If you’re a student looking to strengthen your reading comprehension skills or seeking additional practice in one of the six essential reading strategies, the FOCUS on Reading Books series is an ideal solution. This comprehensive series comprises eight distinct levels (A to H, with A corresponding to a typical year 1 reading level). Each level is intricately aligned with and reinforces the core reading strategies emphasised in the CARS & STARS program.

The versatility of this series makes it a valuable resource for educators and students alike. You can incorporate it into your teaching curriculum at any point to provide intensive practice in the specific strategies you wish to target. Whether you’re working with an entire class or individual students, the FOCUS on Reading Books series can help you achieve your reading comprehension goals effectively.

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  • FOCUS on Reading Catalogue

    Enhance your reading skills with our FOCUS on Reading Catalogue! Discover a range of resources from workbooks to digital tools, designed for all levels. Start your journey towards reading excellence today – browse our catalogue now!

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  • FOCUS on Reading Research

    Discover cutting-edge strategies with FOCUS on Reading Research, an essential resource for educators and reading enthusiasts. Gain insights and enhance your teaching methods – explore our in-depth studies today!

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Transforming Knowledge into Reality with Our Captivating Posters


CARS & STARS A1 Poster

This vibrant, glossy poster showcases the 12 key reading strategies from the CARS & STARS series, with a unique Melbourne twist. Perfect for classroom walls, it offers concise, clear summaries of each strategy, framed by iconic Melbourne cityscapes. A great quick reference for both teachers and students, inspired by the heart of Australia's cultural capital.

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CARS & STARS A3 Poster (Set of 3)

Three vibrant posters, each highlighting four key reading strategies from the CARS & STARS series, perfect for classroom use. They offer concise summaries of the strategies, themed with iconic Australian sites like Uluru, the Sydney Opera House, and Parliament House – a quick-reference blend of education and national pride.

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Discover the Digital Journey

Explore the FOCUS Reading Program, now available online, a dynamic and interactive tool to enhance key reading strategies. Ideal for classroom and home use, FOCUS Reading provides a perfect mix of reinforcement and targeted intervention. Seamlessly integrated within the CARS & STARS Online platform, it allows easy progress tracking for a sure route to better reading proficiency.