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CAMS Plus Level A Teacher Guide

CAMS Plus Level A Teacher Guide

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ISBN: 978-1-923128-29-3

Comprehensive Assessment of Mathematics Strategies is designed specifically to provide data for targeted instruction with the STAMS® Plus Series, and can be used to measure your students' progress in and mastery of 16 fundamental maths strategies.

Each CAMS® Plus teacher guide includes everything a teacher will require to facilitate, administer and grade the assessments presented in the CAMS® Plus student book. The teacher guide features information on how and when to use the pretests, benchmarks and post tests, as well as how to record the appropriate data so it can be used to guide instruction with the STAMS® Plus Series. Reproducible resources include:

  • Individual record sheet - track individual student progress in all 16 strategies introduced in the CAMS® Plus student book to determine areas requiring instruction with STAMS® Plus
  • Individual performance graph - construct a column graph to easily illustrate the student's strengths and weaknesses for parents or administrators
  • Class record sheet - available for the pretests, benchmarks and post tests, these record sheets are the perfect resource to assess the class as a whole

Most importantly, the CAMS® Plus teacher guide also includes the answer keys for each test in the student book, making assessment even easier.

Each lesson in the 2013 Australian edition of CAMS® Plus and STAMS® Plus has been aligned with corresponding Australian Curriculum content descriptions. A grid listing these content descriptions and the relevant lessons they align to can be found on page 15 of the teacher guide.

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