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Elevate your students’ mathematical skills with CAMS & STAMS, an innovative educational program tailored to align with the Australian curriculum.

CAMS (Comprehensive Assessment Mathematics Strategies) offers a precise diagnostic tool to pinpoint each student’s strengths and areas for improvement in maths. Complementing this, STAMS (Strategies To Achieve Mathematics Success) delivers explicit, interactive instruction, ensuring a deep and comprehensive understanding of fundamental maths concepts.

This dual approach not only enhances teaching effectiveness but also fosters in students proficiency in problem-solving and a solid foundation in key mathematical principles. Discover how CAMS & STAMS can transform your mathematics teaching and learning experience today!

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Identify the Right Level for Your Students

Choose Between the Online CAMS Placement Test or the CAMS Placement Book. Both are crafted to aid teachers in choosing the most suitable levels for each student, ensuring targeted and effective learning.

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  • CAMS: Diagnostic (Assessment)

    Quickly identify which of the 16 fundamental maths concepts and skills your students find most difficult and use the results to monitor progress.

    • A pretest diagnoses students’ strengths and weaknesses and guides their placement in the STAMS Plus series.
    • Four benchmarks assess class progress throughout the year.
    • A post test assesses students’ mastery of concepts and skills following instruction with the STAMS Plus series.
    • Tracking charts facilitate data collection and student self-assessment encourages reflection.
  • STAMS: Explicit Teaching (Instruction)

    Provide struggling students with explicit instruction of the 16 fundamental maths concepts and skills – those topics identified as the most important instructional goals for each year level.

    • Five-part STAMS lessons are highly visual, engaging and clearly presented.
    • Step-by-step support helps teachers easily differentiate instruction and minimise planning time.
    • Modelling helps teachers introduce each skill simply and confidently.
    • Useful tips and embedded professional development guide instruction.