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CAMS, STAMS and Solve Collection C (75 Student Books 3 Teacher Guides)

CAMS, STAMS and Solve Collection C (75 Student Books 3 Teacher Guides)

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Comprehensive Assessment of Mathematics Strategies (CAMS) is designed specifically to provide data for targeted instruction with the STAMS Plus Series, and can be used to measure your students’ progress in and mastery of 16 fundamental maths strategies. Each CAMS Plus student book is comprised of 16 pretests, 4 benchmark tests, 16 post tests and self-assessment forms for students to monitor their own progress. The pretest diagnoses each student’s strengths and weaknesses, and guides their placement in the STAMS Plus Series. The benchmarks and post tests are tools for the teacher to assess student mastery of the strategies throughout the instruction, and at the end of the year. The self-assessment forms encourage students to reflect on their learning, as well as to set goals for themselves.

Strategies to Achieve Mathematics Success (STAMS) provides students with explicit instruction of 16 maths topics, which cover both concepts and skills, that have been identified as the most important instructional goals for each year level. Each STAMS Plus student book contains 16 highly scaffolded, five-part lessons. Each of these lessons helps students to become independent learners as they are moved through each of the five parts: modelled instruction, guided instruction, modelled practice, guided practice and independent practice. In this way, students are required to use increasing degrees of higher-level thinking to analyse and explain their answers as they move through practice problems that increase in difficulty, ultimately building student proficiency and confidence.

The Solve Practice Series provides meaningful practice and reinforces the 16 fundamental concepts and skills introduced by the CAMS Plus and STAMS Plus Series, while providing deeper practice. Each two-part Solve practice focuses on one concept or skill. Part one provides practice with the simpler aspect of the concept or skill, while part two provides practice with another more complex aspect of the same concept or skill to increase students’ depth of knowledge. Each part begins with an example, typical for the concept or skill, which provides a model for students as they solve the problems independently. Following each group of four practices are two reviews that require students to make connections between topics, and apply multiple concepts or skills.

CAMS Plus, STAMS Plus and Solve all include student books and teacher guides.Each lesson in the 2013 Australian edition of CAMS Plus, STAMS Plus and Solve has been aligned with corresponding Australian Curriculum content descriptions.

This collection set includes:

  • 25 x CAMS Plus Level C Student Books
  • 1 x CAMS Plus Level C Teacher Guide
  • 25 x STAMS Plus Level C Student Books
  • 1 x STAMS Plus Level C Teacher Guide
  • 25 x Solve Level C Student Books
  • 1 x Solve Level C Teacher Guide

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