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Solve Level D Student Book (Set of 5)

Solve Level D Student Book (Set of 5)

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ISBN: 978-1-923128-46-0

The Solve® Practice Series provides meaningful practice and reinforces the 16 fundamental concepts and skills introduced by the CAMS® Plus and STAMS® Plus Series, while providing deeper practice.

Each two-part Solve® practice focuses on one concept or skill. Part one provides practice with the simpler aspect of the concept or skill, while part two provides practice with another more complex aspect of the same concept or skill to increase students' depth of knowledge. Each part begins with an example, typical for the concept or skill, which provides a model for students as they solve the problems independently. Following each group of four practices are two reviews that require students to make connections between topics, and apply multiple concepts or skills.

Solve® level D is targeted at students in years 4 and 5, and assesses the following strategies:

Multiplication properties Relate division to multiplication Simplify fractions Angles
Multiply mentally Divide without regrouping Decimal place value Understand area
Multiply by 1-digit numbers Divide with regrouping Compare and order decimals Area of rectangles
Multiply by 2-digit numbers Equivalent fractions Relate decimals to fractions Dot plots

Each lesson in the 2013 Australian edition of CAMS® Plus, STAMS® Plus and Solve® has been aligned with corresponding Australian Curriculum content descriptions.

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