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STAMS Plus Level C Teacher Guide

STAMS Plus Level C Teacher Guide

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ISBN: 978-1-923128-39-2

Strategies to Achieve Mathematics Success provides students with explicit instruction of 16 maths topics, which cover both concepts and skills, that have been identified as the most important instructional goals for each year level.

While the lessons introduced in the STAMS® Plus student book do not require teacher instruction, students learn best when guided by a knowledgeable, supportive teacher. The STAMS® Plus teacher guide provides teachers with a solid framework to promote understanding in their students, with step-by-step instructions on how to best teach the strategy. The beginning of each lesson also includes in-depth information on the mathematical background of the concept or skill being addressed, as well as definitions of any new terms used. Teacher supports that are featured in each lesson of the STAMS® Plus teacher quide include:

  • Tip - provides on-the-spot information the teacher can use to build students' understanding of the concept or skill
  • EAL/D Support - targets at point-of-use a language issue that may be affecting English as an
  • Additional Language or Dialect students' ability to understand the maths
  • Error Alert - Addresses common errors or misconceptions that lead students to an incorrect answer
  • Answer Analysis - explains why the answer is correct and identifies the types of errors students commonly make in choosing incorrect answer choices

Each lesson in the 2013 Australian edition of CAMS® Plus, STAMS® Plus and Solve® has been aligned with corresponding Australian Curriculum content descriptions. A grid listing these content descriptions and the relevant lessons they align to can be found on page 26 of the teacher guide.

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