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CSO - CARS & STARS + FOCUS Reading PARENT Subscription (12 months)

CSO - CARS & STARS + FOCUS Reading PARENT Subscription (12 months)

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CARS & STARS Online (CSO) is an innovative web-based reading comprehension application that complements the printed series. Within this digital platform, you’ll find the same captivating content and instructional framework as the print version, but with the added convenience of a digital format. CSO provides subscription-based access to CARS, STARS, and FOCUS Reading series, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging learning experience for children. The multi-level program is designed to be entirely paper-free, with all your child's answers entered directly into the software, and results being instantly recorded and corrected automatically, requiring no marking. With its user-friendly interface, engaging content, and seamless integration, CSO offers a comprehensive and effective tool for enhancing reading comprehension skills. CSO has nine (9) reading levels (AA to H).

The CARS series helps to quickly identify the reading comprehension strategies your child might be struggling to understand. Informed by this data, STARS series can be used to provide targeted instruction catered to each childÕs individual needs. The FOCUS Reading series provides extra practice in six higher-order reading strategies explored in the CARS & STARS Online program.

CARS & STARS + FOCUS Reading PARENT Subscription features:

  • Auto marking and assessment tracking.
  • Comprehensive online data analysis and reports.
  • Interactive Teaching Guides

Each CARS & STARS + FOCUS Reading PARENT Subscription (12 months) is valid for 12 months from the date the parent account is activated. With the CARS & STARS and FOCUS Reading bundle, you will have access to your childÕs CARS & STARS and FOCUS Reading reports, full access to the interactive teaching guides, a complete overview of your childÕs activities and assessment completion notifications.

Note: Parents wishing to use the program with their children need a parent subscription for themselves and individual child subscriptions for each child.

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