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CSO - FOCUS Reading STUDENT Subscription (6 months)

CSO - FOCUS Reading STUDENT Subscription (6 months)

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CARS & STARS Online (CSO) is an innovative web-based reading comprehension application that complements the printed series. Within this digital platform, you’ll find the same captivating content and instructional framework as the print version, but with the added convenience of a digital format. The CSO provides subscription-based access to CARS, STARS, and FOCUS Reading, offering students a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. The multi-level program is designed to be entirely paper-free, with all student answers entered directly into the software, and results being instantly recorded and corrected automatically, requiring no teacher marking. With its user-friendly interface, engaging content, and seamless integration, CSO offers teachers and students a comprehensive and effective tool for enhancing reading comprehension skills.

FOCUS Reading is a series designed to help reinforcement of key reading strategies for on-level readers and targeted intervention for struggling readers and English-language learners. FOCUS Reading series comprises eight distinct levels (A to H, with A corresponding to a typical year 1 reading level). Each level is intricately aligned with and reinforces the core reading strategies emphasised in the CARS & STARS program.

Each FOCUS Reading STUDENT Subscription (6 months) is valid for an individual student for 6 months from the date the student account is activated, and gets full access to eight levels (A–H). This is currently the equivalent of the content of 48 printed, research-based books! Those using the Focus Reading module don't need to purchase any printed FOCUS Reading books at all since CARS & STARS Online already covers all the contents.

Note: You need a FOCUS Reading Teacher subscription to administer the student accounts undertaking the FOCUS Reading program.

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