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FOCUS on Reading: Level F (Understanding Sequence) Student Books (Set of 5)

FOCUS on Reading: Level F (Understanding Sequence) Student Books (Set of 5)

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ISBN: 978-1-923150-02-7

Focus on Reading is a reading-strategy practice program that aids all students to achieve reading comprehension success. The program solidifies comprehension with review and practice in six key reading strategies. This 48 book series covers the six strategies, one per title at eight reading levels from A to H. Each student book contains basic instruction and modelling in the understanding and application of the featured Reading Strategy, a lesson preview, 20 lessons, a tracking chart, student self-assessments to encourage students to take responsibility for their learning and an answer form. Each two-page lesson contains one reading passage, four strategy-based selected response questions and one strategy-based constructed-response writing question.

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